Academia: Closed Minds In Charge of What’s What

Our recent discoveries, dating back to the 1860s have been unparalleled in the accepted, set-in-stone history of mankind. Should any of that history be changed or altered in any dramatic way by irrefutable and pesky evidence then it can contest the relevancy and application of those discoveries and maybe even (heaven forbid) challenge them. Then those gigantic egos who have won their accolades for their discoveries might have to defend their position, or even worse – change them.

Well we have a mental illness called “beingrightallthetime” that interferes with sense, common or otherwise. Heaven also forbid a man be publicly humbled by admitting that he was mistaken. Stark verboten that all can come together to rediscover our history and make even greater discoveries for the which he might have to ‘share’ the credit. Ego is the great destroyer of wisdom, knowledge, and academic progress.

Ego is the great driver within Academia.

So the enemy of wisdom, knowledge, and academic progress is at the helm of the institution whose job is to collect, catalogue, share, publish, teach and distribute wisdom, knowledge, and academic progress.

They have a stubborn, unmoving solid narrative about history. Anyone that comes forward with new information is shut out, shunned, falsely accused and discredited, and openly attacked. These are acts of a guilty conscience. An open institution with open participants with open minds would welcome new information, challenge it using the scientific method and should it pass – intertwine it into our narrative.

With all the evidence gathered in the last few decades why should we not assume that advancements in science are not linear, but rather a broken tree. Advancements are made, and then lost rather than built upon due to severe limits on technology, institutions, and especially liberty. We perceive ourselves as superior to our ancestors because we enjoy such advanced technology. They would have been able to procure these advancements for themselves given enough personal, and government-protected liberty. But the history of mankind is one of dictatorship after dictatorship, emperor after emperor and within such systems liberty, and thereby innovation, dies. Hence the broken tree analogy.

For more on that read Cleon Skousen’s The 5000 Year Leap.

We suffer such hubris it is shameful. It is detrimental. It is anti-progress. As we repeat history we understand that we walk in circles. We understand why we walk in circles. And we can deduce the great changes that cause us to walk in circles. It is all behavior induced. Men receive accolades, they develop egos, they live in environments where egos thrive by being driven by other egos. The egos then contest, and ever more selfishly focus inwardly on themselves.

According to them so should everyone else.

It isn’t long before we are coerced into being and doing things we would rather not. Ego-driven culture causes conformance to eroding standards. It calls good evil, and evil good. I saw this early on when it suddenly became shameful to be smart in school. Students began conforming in the opposite direction until you have our current societal condition.

Academia in all its shameful bigotry and Marxist doctrine is a realization of ego, and nothing more. A single mind can now dictate the doctrines of all knowledge through his/her tenure and accolades. They decide what your children are taught. They decide what counts as evidence, and what can be dismissed. They decide fact in spite of reason. This kind of power concentrated into the hands of the few, the very definition of Socialism, should be cause for grave concern.

Academia should not be lauded. It should be cleaned out and condemned. The right to act and think for yourself are virtuous. Having the wrong people think and act for you is tantamount to evil.