I mean . . . Really? When Sense Hits Home

Today has been a most interesting day.

I left from my friend’s home this morning to come to work because my family and I were helping him clean up and pack his house for a move. I left that environment for a structured work environment, and here received a random email.

It was one of those written by a tenured employee giving his last goodbye to all of us. Because I work for a large corporation I do not personally know him, but was so impressed by the humor and effort put into this email that I responded kindly, broke the ice, and wished him the best.

He replied with his personal website. A blog. I complimented him on it, and shared conservativesense.com.

I should not have been surprised, nor should it have affected me for him to reply with a snarky statement, passing immediate judgement upon me.

“Nice – another man who gets to tell women what to do with their bodies.”

It did affect me. It affected me because I don’t want to be right. I want to believe in people, and their ability to be better, and the bigger person.

Right after this happens my team gets called into a meeting where we discuss behavior, and I am treated to this excellent TED Talk on the five types of reactive behavior by Louise Evans. Check it out below:

I want to thank dude for being in the red chair and making an eternal and very bad impression on me without giving my words a glance.

Finally, while all this is going on I am communicating with my wife, who is back at our friend’s house trying to talk his spouse into getting help for a sad, and chronic issue. I am trying to help as best I can from where I am.

I am dealing with these three distinct experiences on top of an already human day-to-day. The overarching lesson here is from the blue chair. Take Louis’ words to heart today.