Mockery, The Tool of Fools

Mockery is the vehicle of the weak. They use it to undermine people they disagree with, rather than have a frank and mature conversation. The weak use mockery to focus attention on arbitrary matters like President Trump’s small hands, or his long handshake. The weak will go so far as to portray people as archaic figures like the Angel of Death (Steve Bannon on SNL). You will find mockery at all levels of society. It’s become something tolerated and practiced by adults. It has become a staple of our nation’s humor.

Embarrassing is not quite the right word. Embarrassing is when you shart your pants at a party and cannot escape before the odor gets loose. That’s embarrassing. When grown people are mocking each other on a public stage using techniques employed by third graders, something has gone horribly awry. (This is you! Duh! Duuuuh!)

It is humiliating to watch this happen on a national stage. It is humiliating to watch members of academia stoop to name calling because they either do not have a retort, or they just don’t care to give one. It is humiliating for a Presidential candidate to quip, and lose his cool (Nasty woman). So why is it tolerated? Because we are all guilty of it, we are all human, and we all think ourselves above those we mock.

Such behavior used to be something we kept to ourselves, or our immediate audience. It was a sign of immaturity, adolescent at best and it was unwholesome. Now it’s a defense mechanism on a societal scale. Conversations proceed like so:

I feel this way about this.

Well, I don’t agree with you.

Then you’re a poo-poo head!

Signal laughs and guffaws from friends and audience and somehow the Kindergartner has won the fight.

When done in good humor a little bit of mockery is not just amusing, it’s beneficial. There is something in a keen wit that reveals someone’s high intelligence. That more sophisticated humor then benefits the observer, giving them a higher standard for good humor.

When overdone, and quite simply obnoxious – mockery testifies to a lower intelligence and we all suffer for it. Our culture suffers, stereotypes propagate, racial profiles persist, bigotry becomes amusing, and poorly formed opinions and feelings receive a shallow validation. No one benefits. Civilization does not move forward. Conversations are not had, and people are not enriched or informed. Stupid perpetuates stupid.

My point? It’s obvious. News is not news anymore, it’s asinine. The information we need to stay informed is not provided. The wrong things are given energy and become headlines while the powers that be laugh up an agenda of their own behind the lines. Move your focus to what is important. People that can do that become people who make the difference, who get things done, and who do the heavy lifting for the rest of us who are stuck within the narrow confines and a mockery media.

Mockery is not a new trick. Presidents have been mocked by the media since either institution became a thing. It is, however, the modus operandi of the modern media. Read any day and you will find popular headlines and breaking news that involve some arbitrary remark or incident being harped upon by the mockery media. Know that this is a waste of your time and intelligence.

The media has a job they have long neglected – to objectively cover incidences, events, policies, and acts that affect our lives. Rather they choose to ally with one very small group of people and try to push their agenda because they are enriched by the propagation of their propaganda. The enrichment is the greatest sin. They place themselves above their duty as journalists, and we are worse off for it.

This also is not new. Propaganda machines have existed throughout every empire, spreading disinformation and lies for the sake of the ultra-rich against the common man. It’s an old psychology that governments have utilized to usurp power and crush liberty and freedom. One of their most potent tools is making light of things they shouldn’t, and using mockery to undermine them.

And now it is able to happen on a global scale. Be careful of the information you absorb and always think for yourself.