Perspective. Perspective? Perspective! Perspective . . .

I know it might be silly to ask, but have you considered the possibility that your perspectives are skewed? And if so, how bad? I consider it often, and I will tell you why.

Because I cringe remembering my past. I remember incidences of opening my mouth without having a clue what I was talking about. I remember my poor, inexperienced, and immature perspectives that reality beat out of me. And I remember that I do not like that feeling even though I am always prepared to receive it.

Which makes me a lot different from those receiving way too much coverage in the media. Because unlike them I can control my emotions, I can think through the fog of feeling, and I can above all admit when I am wrong. The idea of being right all the time is not a virtue, it is a measure of stubbornness, stupidity, and pride. No one is right all the time. No one is right 60 percent of the time. On a good day a person can be right 25 percent of the time, but most of us average about 12 percent.

We are a race that perceives the world by virtue of our own experience, feelings, and beliefs. This is a fact that must be firmly grasped. If you can understand how you understand, you can improve your power and ability to understand. You can recognize prejudice within yourself, your triggers, what sets you off and why. You can recognize that you are imbued with your own quick-draw conclusions, and literal default settings. You will be able to understand the paradigm by which you judge others, and by virtue of knowing have the power to change it.

A lot of people do not like Trump because he is recorded bragging about groping women, and has been a womanizer his whole adult life. A lot of people do not like Hillary because she stuck by a rapist and adulterer all her married life, and threatened the women who came forward to reveal Bill’s sexual assaults. But because we are set on one candidate or the other we become blind to the vices of the one we have selected, when both should be judged equally by their actions.

We still take sides long after all the sins and crimes and evil have been revealed to us and we call it justified. Change your perspective.

Calm down and let life beat the crap out of you while striving (and this is key) to maintain a positive mental attitude. Hardest thing you will ever do, trust me. A couple weeks of that you will feel yourself changing – and you will like it. You will feel yourself separating from destructive influences. By your determination alone life will align into a more positive and constructive path. Although your trials will amplify, relationships will suffer, and you will have to get over yourself there is no more noble a journey to make.

And as you journey pay attention to your perspectives and how they shift. It’s incredible. What used to eat up your emotions and energy soon seems arbitrary.

You become comfortable in your own skin, just being you. No more angst. Fears die off. Tasks that once seemed insurmountable are now just hills to climb, or speed bumps to jump over. Your attitude changes about time, goals, relationships, learning, and being proactive.

Soon you can look back and cringe at your own childishness. Once you can do that you will have gained enough wisdom to help those around you grow up.

So grow up.