Solutions to Bad Governance: Take 3

My dearest politicians:

The less intrusive you are, the more we support you.

But politicians love intrusion.

They exist and subsist in an echelon of society that views itself as superior to you my sorry peasant friend. They think they know best about:

  • how you should live
  • where you should live
  • what you should eat
  • when and where you should work
  • if you should work
  • where when how and if you can open a business/run a business/do business
  • how you should spend your money (that’s my favorite)
  • what rules and policies and guidelines and laws and rulings to conform yourself to
  • what political views to have

All the while they are taxing you, fining you, hassling you, licensing and certifying you, judging you, stealing your property, placing liens, and yet when they campaign they give you the most dumbed-down rhetoric you have ever heard.

You would not endure that vague chicanery even if it came from your beloved grandma! Or maybe you would by buying slogans like “Make America Great Again.”

Government is intrusive. It cannot help but be intrusive. But things begin to get worse when the officials feel like it is their duty to be intrusive, and when they begin to force their will upon the people. Once that line is crossed you are dealing with tyranny, not liberty. There are a couple million pages of intrusive legislation that is considered law that has passed since the founding of The United States of America but the most shining example of horribly intrusive laws is the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.


Because it forces you to use your hard-sweat-and-blood earned money to purchase health insurance coverage with the underlying threat of fining you if you do not buy it. And the law has so skewed things in favor of the insurance industry that they are able, by the laws of economics, to raise your premiums by ridiculous amounts.

I just paid the fine. It was cheaper, yet still painful. Instead of being excited about a great “refund” (It’s not a refund, folks. I haven’t paid that much in taxes my whole life.) I left angry. I was mad that my government, who I want to trust and support legally stole from me.

I am of the belief that if it feels wrong it is wrong. By virtue of that belief, a core theme in this blog, Obamacare is wrong. I can’t wait for its successor when we will gladly accept a universal tax paid into a gigantic pool that the government can exploit while it proclaims to pay for each citizen’s healthcare.

Let us now get real. There is the campaign, there is the legislative process, and then there is the truth. The truth is simple. The government is packed with people with their own agendas, who work together in secret and in plain sight to accomplish the things they want to accomplish. They have next-to-no interest in their backers, constituency, or in your welfare again, my dear peasants. They are interested in getting their names down in history, and getting their picture with famous and influential people. They are interested in money, power, and the unquenchable lusts of the flesh.

After a long enough stint they lose the memory of what it was to be a normal American. That’s when they really begin to sneer down at you, and feel a contempt that they address with intrusive policies and legislation.

The more contempt a politician has for you, the more intrusive his laws.

Stay out of my life, my business, and my pocket. Solutions to bad governance take 3.