Why the Conservative Abortion Stance?

In D.C. the conservative stance on abortion is wishy-washy. Default position is pro-life, whatever that means. I am a father of four incredibly cool little people. I have an opinion on abortion because I hold to a certain set of values that cause my thoughts to diverge from the world. Below I make a plea for women to consider a different perspective.

I am married. I have no power to tell a woman what to do with anything. Women will do as they see fit. I am asking you to consider your humanity, and point out within this post places you can go to understand the effects of abortion on women who have made the decision to abort a pregnancy.

As I understand abortion you can have my position:

The abortion procedure has its use. Either the baby’s life will end, or the mother’s life will end should the pregnancy continue. This can be caused by an assortment of medical conditions I am not familiar enough with to explain. In cases of rape or incest the abortion procedure can continue, but only after extensive physical and psychological examination.

However, as I have made clear in every single post on this page I do not trust the human race to make final decisions, so I believe that the decision to abort should be made with the counsel of your religious adviser. With that also comes the need to counsel with your higher power. God, Allah, Yahweh, the Universe. Whatever created you is creating that life inside you. Ask it what it thinks.

Finally the decision to abort should never be made selfishly. It is not a tool to alleviate you of responsibility, or accountability. You are responsible for your actions. Suck it up. If you are pregnant you are being held accountable for the decisions you have made.

For the women, the daughters of God, the queens who deserve better – is abortion a tool or a convenience? It is a human life you are dealing with whether you believe that or not. Ultimately that fetus inside you will become a person. Would you kill a person? Of course not. So why kill the seed of a person?

See the pregnancy through. Give the child to a reliable and secure adoption agency if you cannot handle it. Consider the wisdom of doing what is best for the baby, not what is best for you.

No one lives for regret, remorse, and a burning, nagging mental anguish.

Women suffer for this decision. Sometimes they end their own lives. Read hereAnd here to get testimonies of women who made the decision to abort, and how it affected their lives.

Then ask yourself the simple question: Do I want to experience what they experienced? Because you will. It does not matter what kind of background these girls had, they live the same reality you do. They feel as you do. Their lives are as complex as yours.

Once a person has lost respect for the miracle of life there is no end to their downward spiral. And we are not meant to live downward. We are meant to grow, to flourish, and to manifest great things in our lives. The guilt and anguish an abortion inflicts on a woman inhibits her growth, numbs her conscience, skews her perspectives, and alters her gravity – she begins to draw conflicts into her life she never wanted instead of good things.

These are not my words, these are the words of your sisters.

You are better than that. Utilize your divine nature and make good choices. This blogger believes in women, and I always will.