You Can’t Fight Fire With Gasoline

Vitriol. Hatred. Verbal assault. Rage speech. Racism. Sexism. Bigotry. (insert PC word here)phobia.



Because we are sentient, emotional beings we should not act according to our emotions. That has proven itself to be a problem. We have emotional beings staging violent protests, spitting at each other, beating each other, lighting each others hair on fire . . . lighting hair on fire? What’s next?

Anarchy, murder, police state, insanity, madness, social unrest, civil wars, until it all dissolves into mobocracy, or the mad, murderous majority. Imagine every apocalyptic film where the good guy runs from the gruesome, cannibalistic, bloody-baseball bat wielding psychopaths and you’ll have a rosy version of reality.

Throughout our own sordid history empires and civilizations have risen, grown, thrived, become drunk on their own wealth and success, wobbled, tumbled, and toppled into chaos. Nature does not fight fire with gasoline. It does not rise up and tell you to sit down, shut up, and grow up.

Nature straight humbles you. And you invite it to. You invite it to humble you by virtue of your emotional garbage – violence, pride, strife, and war. Nature puts you in your place.

What nature?

Human nature. The nature of government. The nature of the world. These will put you in your place because you are what you are. By virtue of being born you are imbued with the seeds of your own destruction; pride, ego, selfishness, self-importance, etc. It is your base nature. How do young children act? Only out of self interest, and they are the purest of us all. They are basic human beings.

Only by living life do you learn to act selflessly, to serve, to think for yourself, to be critical of yourself and to learn wisdom and growth. Otherwise you remain the child, and that is what I am seeing; adult children. People incapable of swallowing their pride, being self-deprecating, self-critical, humble, and loving. This cannot last on a large scale. I talk about this throughout my posts.

The world at large calls good evil, and calls evil good and thinks that by enforcing it with laws, loud mouths, violence, and social unrest that truth will somehow alter itself to calm their tantrums.

It won’t. Truth will out, and the adult child will fail.

Fix it by fixing yourself.